I’ve spent a little time playing with websdr over the last day or so. This is certainly one way to achieve the subliminal morse background mentioned a couple of posts ago! (Assuming of course the workload is low and the wifi is up!!). You can see even before you ‘tune in’ if a CW signal might be the right speed.

I’m impressed with the easy usability of the remote websdr enabled receivers.

It’s also fantastic to get a clear sense of the band conditions and activity in another part of the world like Reston, VA. No signs of an Australian based webSDR station yet. Bandwidth charges probably have something to do with that.

The only downside so far is that as the site depends on Java there’s no way of accessing it with the iPad. And the absence of Flash on that device means you can’t use it for the best source of morse ambience – lcwo.net.






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