ATS radios

The Appalachian Trail series of popular and relatively rare designs by Steve Weber KD1JV famous for lightweight, robust radios that use very little battery power on receive. So perfect for ultra portable operation!


The most recent design from Steve KD1JV designed for ultralite portable operation and SOTA expeditions.


I was lucky enough to get one of the latest batch of ATS4s produced by Steve Weber KD1JV.

As a newcomer to surface mounted components I’m still working out the best plan of attack. I have a batch of solder paste in the fridge and I’m tossing up between the hot air approach and the more pedestrian joint-by-joint approach (which seems to suit my more cautious style).

Info about the ATS4 is at Steve KD1JV’s site and the ATS-4 page as well as the AT-Sprint Yahoo Group.

The construction manual for the first version of the ATS4 is here (via Yahoo group files) and the errata are here.