QRPKits Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge Kit

Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge Kit

The Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge kit is designed by Dan Tayloe, N7VE.

It has been used in several tuners, including the ALT, BLT, and the Roy Gregson designed Z-Match Tuners.

All that has to be done to mount the kit is to drill two holes in the panel, one for the DPDT switch which will mount the board, and one for the LED. The kit includes a double sided, plated through, silkscreened board, all the board mounted parts, including wire for winding the toroid.

The kit enables you to always know if your rig is matched to the antenna. It also has a built in bridge that to use to tune up and protect your finals.

The kit is ideal for building into a rig, or it can be built as a stand alone in a small box. There are only two connections to make, transmitter and antenna.

To operate, switch the bridge in, tune your antenna tuner until the LED goes out or dims, then switch to operate and you are ready to transmit.

 SWR Indicator/Bridge Builders Manual (ver 1) (pdf)