Vertical antenna for 15m

Our small group of CW ops and learners meets on a weeknight on air but have found it hard to find a band that works for all of our group. The logical choice of 80 or 40 is considered out of the question for the apartment dwellers. So we’ve looked at using the upper HF bands on the assumption that they can erect relatively stealthy antennas for the net and dismantle them afterwards.

We seem to have had some success with 15m. But signals are still pretty weak given how relatively close to each other we are. We are in three general areas in the city – the north shore, the eastern suburbs and the inner west.

One of the group suggested we might enjoy stronger reports if we all settled on the same polarisation of our signals and all used a vertical antenna for the net.

So here is my attempt at a simple connector. Our leader Skip suggested the most effective way to make a vertical is to first tune the radials to your Centre frequency before adjusting the vertical element.

There is no strain relief for the radials but this construction makes tuning the radials a possibility by simply re-locating one of the radials on to the nut and bolt assembling the vertical part of the Perspex bracket.

And today is a perfect sunny Sydney winter’s day to be outside messing with antennas!






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