Month: May 2010

  • USB morse key

    Via Julian G3ILO news of an Arduino based project to build an inteface to enable direct input to a computer with a morse key. Lots of information can be found here. It looks like a neat little project. I don’t get the feeling it’s going to be offered as a kit or anything. Most of what…

  • Handy K3 resource

    Via the Elecraft email list a pointer to a comprehensive looking listing of settings for the K3 compiled by K8DD. There’s also a document detailing calibration procedures for the K3.

  • B&W coils

    I was surprised to see that one longtime brand I associate with my earliest days playing around with radio, Barker and Williamson, is still thriving – and even better, still providing the product I associate them most closely with, air wound coils, specifically the Miniductors. There’s a list of the types they have available here. They’re…

  • Iambic keying: How to?

    Stumbled across interesting YouTube video on “Iambic Keyer and Technique” attempting to teach how to use an Iambic keyer. It’s about 5 1/2 mins long. Another video from IK0YGJ simply shows the sender using a beautiful Begali Sculpture and sending at 50wpm. While I’m at it I should include the link to the 9mins plus video explaining how…

  • Homebrew ladder line spacers

    It never ceases to amaze me what wisdom is simmering away amongst those email discussion groups I read. Out of the blue today – prompted by mention of a commercial solution on the Elecraft list – came a sequence of brilliant ideas about making effective and easy on the budget ladder line spacers. The commercial spacers from…

  • WSPR

    Prompted by Julian G4ILO’s musings about the possibility of volcanic ash being responsible for propagation he observed a few days back, I’ve been looking deeper into WSPR, the application that produced the data that inspired the notion. First stop was the main WSJT site where Princeton physicist Joe Taylor K1JT outlines the application along with other weak…

  • FT-817 resources online

    There’s a wealth of digested experience on this particular radio online. ka7oei has a detailed site which has pages devoted to the following topics: Other FT-817 related sites include: One of G4ILO’s ‘Radio topics’ pages is devoted to the FT-817. His document points to 817-Mem, a program to manage memories on the radio.

  • It is, ah, not raining here also!

    A pointer to the classic Hancock episode, ‘The Radio Ham’. Painfully hilarious!

  • Volcanic propagation

    G4ILO has some interesting observations and speculation about recent 10m openings in his part of the world. He wonders whether they might be scatter off the clouds of volcanic ash drifting to Europe from Iceland.

  • SDR lists

    Via M1KTA’s blog a pointer to Christophe F4DAN’s exhaustive list of SDR projects. What an amazing resource! It feels like the distillation of many hours of research and study. Really valuable information in here. It was last updated at the end of March. Also available in ‘une version française‘.

  • A123 batteries

    There’s been a great explanation posted on the Buddipole list about the practicalities of using the A123 battery packs Buddipole sell from their site. The advantages of the A123 chemistry are low weight, fast charge times and ability to deliver high current. As well their voltage – 13.2v for a four cell pack such as the…

  • iPad date announced for Australia

    News this morning from Apple that the delivery date for iPad (both WiFi & 3G) – in Australia – is 29th May. I’m so looking forward to seeing how an iPad might fit into a portable QRP operation. Or even a remote one. I’m also hoping that Apple will retain enough of open protocols so…