Category: Propagation

  • The book I’d like written/to write about FT8, WSPR & other digital modes

    I’ve spent the last couple of weeks spending some continuous and focused time finally getting some consistent results out of my radios using digital modes, especially WSPR and JT8 using WSJT-X. Like everything else I do with ham radio, they reveal the woeful inadequacy of my antennas here. In fact, one of the benefits of…

  • Solar news

    Under the title “Earth braces for biggest space storm in five years” ABC Australia’s online news reports on the last 24 hours of solar activity. A NOAA space scientist is quoted “Space weather has gotten very interesting over the past 24 hours”. Further detail as usual from and UPDATE: 24 hours later – “Space storm fizzle“!

  • Volcanic propagation

    G4ILO has some interesting observations and speculation about recent 10m openings in his part of the world. He wonders whether they might be scatter off the clouds of volcanic ash drifting to Europe from Iceland.