Category: Portsdown 4 build

  • Portsdown 4 build – powering ahead

    Every day I seem to relearn the wisdom of the old saying – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ – and how it truly applies to reassembling equipment. Here are the immediate tasks I’m addressing as components arrive:

  • Portsdown 4 build

    After quite a lot of time thinking through what my plans might be for the specific bands and modes with the Portsdown 4 I’ve spent a few hours over a couple of days drilling and nibbling holes in the panels. When I first built it a couple of years ago I only managed to make…

  • Portsdown 4 project back on track

    I’ve been building bits and pieces of what will become a digital amateur TV capability for just on five years! I lost my momentum after building a number of components and it’s only in the last few weeks I’ve found a renewed enthusiasm to get on with it! One of the main prods has come…