Category: K3

  • K3 and digital modes

    Using WSJT-X as my example digital program, here are the steps to getting digital modes to work with the K3 using an external sound card, the ASUS U7. The process is almost identical to the one I use with the KX3, an external soundcard dongle and a MacBook Pro. First, it is simple and easy…

  • Handy K3 resource

    Via the Elecraft email list a pointer to a comprehensive looking listing of settings for the K3 compiled by K8DD. There’s also a document detailing calibration procedures for the K3.

  • Digging out useful info on gear

    Spent a bit of time visiting WW2PT’s site and reading the thread of messages tagged with ‘K3’. It’s great when you discover someone who has followed a similar path to the one you’re on and can write about with a combo of wisdom and wit. A key post is this one ‘Concerning computers’ about getting his K3 to talk…