Buddipole set up videos

I’ve only just discovered the set of video tutorials on YouTube featuring Chris W6HFP of Buddipole. They’re clear and well shot and edited, I suspect by Steve WG0AT. And they’ve been online for over a year!

In this one Chris explains setting up a Buddipole Versatee Vertical.


European keying

Attention drawn by a post to the SKCC email list to video on the GHD keys site illustrating the ‘European’ style of keying, demonstrated appropriately enough in this video by a Japanese operator. On this page it’s described as the ‘Reaction Method’.

Also saw an interesting exchange of comments on the SKCC list about this style.

Also found the GHD catalogue an eye-opener. Some very sophisticated keys and paddles there. Again these keys are also available from Morse Express.


CW and the missing link

Animation showing how the Palm mini paddle can stow away - perfect for portable operation.
How the Palm mini paddle can stow away – perfect for portable operation.

I’ve been keen on finding out more about the Palm mini paddle. I like the look – and the size – of the paddle. I haven’t worked out yet if there’s a way to strap it onto your leg, but it certainly doesn’t seem to require too much in the way of real estate.
I also like the design style of this line including the modular keyer, the “code cube”.
Most impressive of all is the Infra Red link technology they’ve incorporated into the line. It looks like you can purchase an IR enabled Code Cube to plug into an existing Mini Paddle so you can link up via an IR receiver connected to your transceiver, or even a tiny sensor within the txrx – up to 5 metres away.
Marshall Emm’s Morse Express seems to be the most accessible distributor. The site hosts extensive info including the pdf manuals, which can also be found on the German site.

Waiting for the iPad

How long will it be before an app is developed and released for the new iPad which will enable you to remotely operate an SDR? The opportunity to use more screen real estate more effectively must be well-suited to such a task. How brilliant would it be to be able link back to your home station with a rich graphical interface via wifi or G3!